Cash Flow Solutions - August 2016 update here...

We act as introducers for many providers of alternative finance which is available to most SMEs.

We have contacts in the new ‘challenger’ banks which can be more flexible on lending terms than the ‘big four’ high street banks.

Asset based finance schemes can provide an attractive and essential source of funding as an addition, or alternative, to bank borrowing.

Selective Invoice Finance - allows companies to choose individual invoices to be financed on an 'as needed' basis so giving immediate access to capital without the burden of a long-term contract. The facility is used as required, employed only when a business needs a boost to its cash flow.
Supply chain finance.
Confidential invoice discounting and invoice factoring.
Import and export trade finance.
Purchase order finance.
Fixed asset leasing - sale and lease back.
Commercial loans & mortgages.
Payroll finance.

 Unsecured funding for expansion:

Sources of private equity and 'business' angels.
Please contact Stephen J Line in complete confidence for more details.

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